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Optical Fiber Cables - Underground (Armoured Cables / Unarmoured Cables) are of two types
• Armoured Cables (Direct Burial Cables)
• Unarmoured Cables (Duct Cables)

One of the product diversifications where we have attained great success is in Optical Fiber Cables. These optical fiber (armoured and unarmoured) cables are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 144 fiber (576 F in case of Ribbon Fiber Cables). We also have 2 & 4 fiber economy design fiber cables for Cable TV applications. Our product range is quite diverse and includes the following

Types of Optical Fiber Cables

• Unarmoured (Duct) Optical Fiber Cables
• Armoured (Direct Burial) Optical Fiber Cables
• Aerial Optical Fiber Cables
• Indoor Optical Fiber Cables
• Single & Multimode Fiber Cables
• Central loose tube & Multi loose tube designs
• Single & Double Armoured Optical Fiber Cables

Optical Fiber Cables Range

Unitube Cables

2 - 48 fibers

Multitube Cables

6 - 144 fibers

Ribbon Cables

48 - 576 fibers

CATV cables

2 - 48 fibers

Aerial Cables

Both ADSS & Figure 8

Typical Specifications of Optical Fiber Cables (OFC)



Type of the cable

Duct, Direct Burial, Aerial

Number f Fiber

2-144 Fiber count

Fiber type

ITU-T G 652, G 652 C, G 652 D, G 653, G 654, G 655

Loose Tube Material

PBTP, Nylon

Water Resistance

Thixotropic Jelly

Strength Members

FRP, Aramid Yarn, Glass Fiber Reinforcements, Steel Wire

Moisture Barrier

Water Swellable tape, Flooding Jelly

Armounring Material

Copolymer Coated S.S Tape Copolymer Coated ECCS Tape

Sheath / Jacket Compound

HDPE (anit-termite or Normal), Polyamide -12

Attenuation at 1310 nm (dB/km)

<0.36 for G 652 fiber

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